Minde Shapiro & Smith has been the trusted legal advisors of private and commercial clients for more than 90 years. Our legal professionals have honed their skills in their respective fields of expertise over many years, becoming respected industry leaders. Whichever service you many require, you will enjoy the extreme professionalism, competence and diligence on which our reputation has been built.

One of the key strengths of our firm is our expertise in conveyancing and property law, which has seen us become preferred suppliers to many leading financial institutions as well as private clients. Buying or selling a home is a milestone event in anyone’s life, and one that we will see through from start to finish with very high standards of customer care and quality advice, whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Our services include:

Drafting deeds of sale

Registration of property transfers (including single title, sectional title and estate transfers)

Registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds

Commercial and residential developments (sectional title and freehold)

Registration of leasehold and servitudes

Subdivision of property and land consolidations

General notarial services including marriage contracts and trusts inter vivos

The legal system depends on attorneys to advise their clients of their rights and to represent them in a way that best serves their interests. When it is necessary to enforce your rights, our knowledgeable litigation team will skillfully fight in your corner.

Our services include:

Alternative dispute resolution

Commercial litigation, including contractual, engineering and building disputes in specialised forums

Civil matters that require litigation in the High Court, Regional Court or Magistrate’s Court

Personal injury claims for losses and damages suffered

Liquidations, insolvencies and business rescue matters

Criminal law cases in the Regional and Magistrate’s Courts

Arbitrations and mediations

Construction and building disputes

Family law, divorce, matrimonial property, parental responsibilities and rights and maintenance disputes

Disciplinary hearings and administrative law related matters

At Mindes, we don’t just send out letters and hope that debt is settled in a timely manner. Our commercial recovery attorneys use various proven techniques including investigation and litigation, and enforce judgments when necessary.

Our services include:

Debt collections, including formal court processes and execution

Credit agreements, repossessions, attachments and interdicts

Magistrates court debt collections throughout South Africa, including the appointment of tracing agents for missing debtors

Financial investigations, acknowledgements of debt, attachment and sale of goods

Commercial law governs the broad areas of business, trade, commerce, sales, and consumer transactions. It also covers various issues of law, such as banking, contract, insolvency, credit transactions, real estate and others.

Our services include:

Drafting of commercial contracts

Negotiation and advice on commercial agreements

Purchase and supply agreements

Shareholders’ agreements


Franchise agreements


Commercial leases

Unlawful competition

Trust purchase and sale of shares, business, transfer of interests in close corporations


National Credit Act

Your family is the most precious thing in your life and therefore we safeguard its legal health from start to finish – from antenuptial contracts to wills. When relationships deteriorate, it can be an extremely fretful time for everyone involved. Then you can count on our legal advisors to take care of every matter with delicacy, respect and, of course, complete confidentiality.

Our services include:

Divorce matters

Parental Responsibilities and Rights


Antenuptial agreements

Civil unions and cohabitation agreements

Care and contact of minors

Protection orders

General family law advice

Family law mediation

In the unfortunate event that you, a family member or colleague are arrested, Minde Schapiro & Smith will ensure prompt and efficient assistance at short notice.

Our services include: 

Formal bail applications in all courts

Plea and sentence agreements

Formal representations

Criminal litigation

Appeal & reviews to High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court

Estate planning is a crucial legal exercise that will provide some comfort at a most difficult time. Our estate planning experts will carefully guide you on making the right decisions including settling any debts, taxes and administration costs, providing financial security for your family, appointing guardians for minors and protecting your business interests.

Our services include:

Estate planning

Drafting of wills

Deceased estates administration

Masters and deeds office searches

Advice on all aspects of the law of succession

Drafting and registration of inter vivos trusts