The old saying that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” holds for the Mindes team. From our Candidate Legal Practitioners through to the Directors, each one of our team members is actively involved in the operation of our firm. Our team has experts in a wide variety of fields of law and this provides our young attorneys with great exposure and an opportunity to learn, which in turn results in better legal advice and assistance to our valued clients.

As a result of having legal expertise in various fields, it is easily possible for our professionals to consult each other and engage on delicate questions of law. This opportunity further transfers into a wonderful learning environment and all-round experience for Candidate Legal Practitioners doing their practical vocational training at our firm.

Our aim is to implement procedures and habits that result in sustained growth and continued innovation, and our staff will testify that this is exactly what the MINDES experience entails, making Mindes an ideal working environment for prospective employees whose vision aligns with the above mantra. 

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