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Your Will: What You Can and Can’t Do

“Where there’s a will, I want to be in it” (Anon) Your will (“Last Will and Testament”) is quite possibly the most important document you will ever sign. Without a properly-executed will you put your loved ones at risk of financial and emotional hardship, you forfeit your right to nominate who administers your deceased estate, and most importantly you forfeit your right to choose who inherits what from you. But just how wide is your right to choose? Can you leave anything to

Your Website of the Month: Left Money in a South African Will But Living Overseas?

What happens if you want to access a South African bequest overseas? BizNews gives you a step-by-step breakdown of how to go about it, depending on whether you are – Non-resident,  Financially emigrated, or A South African resident temporarily abroad. Read also the section on taxation.  Bear in mind that of necessity an article like this can only give you an overview of some general principles, and that getting anything wrong could cost you dearly. Professional advice on your specific circumstances is a no-brainer here! Disclaimer: The information

Your Last Will: The Dire Consequences of Neglecting Formalities

“It is not intended for the Court to make a will for the deceased based on what his intentions may have been” (Quoted in the judgment below) As a general rule our law holds us to our agreements and statements, whether we express them verbally, electronically or in written form.  But there are exceptions – some things just have to be in writing and signed before the law will recognise them. One of those exceptions is quite possibly the most important document you